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The Best Makeup for Men

Movie stars, models, and sportscasters all wear it, not to mention the entire female population — so why shouldn’t the average Joe? When it comes to the best makeup for men, the key is subtlety


best makeup for menOkay, before you dismiss makeup as being unmanly, consider that almost any man who appears on TV or movies partakes in makeup application, as much as they might try to keep that on the DL. That’s right, Anderson Cooper, The Rock, Brad Pitt — they all wear makeup on the reg. Makeup can make a man look healthier, younger, and more successful. Not many men are opposed to those qualities, so it makes sense that makeup for men is becoming more mainstream. Don’t believe us? The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the makeup aisle, which currently has several products targeted exclusively to men. Men use makeup for a variety of reasons, including anti-aging, skin oil issues and unwanted age lines that are often noticeable underneath the eyes. If you’re considering dabbling in the art of concealment (we wouldn’t say no to hiding a few razor nicks before a job interview, or dark circles from a night of drinking), check out this list of the best makeup for men.