5 First Date Ideas That’ll Up Your Odds Of Getting A Second Date

good first date ideas for men

Screw going to a movie. If the idea of a first date is to get to know someone why the hell would you want to sit next to them in a dark room for two hours while snacking on fatty, stale popcorn that some underpaid kid touched with his germy hands? A good idea for a first date offers you and your date a way to converse and get to know each other, but also leaves you an out in case things start to nosedive into “this is the shittiest time I’ve ever had in my entire shitty life” territory.

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Good date ideas don’t have to be complex; in fact, the simpler the better. But the trick is not to make the date seem simple. It has to appear as if you gave it some serious thought. Knowing how lazy you are, we did the legwork for you.

#1. Go To Lunch
Wait a minute — isn’t lunch the same as dinner? Nope. Lunches are quicker than dinner and don’t carry the stigma as dinner dates. (Also, during the daytime you can get a good look at your date to see if she used a 10-year-old photo as her profile pic.) Plus, if you’re on a weekend brunch you can see how she handles daytime drinking. If it’s summertime, find a spot outdoor with a lively atmosphere but that isn’t going to cause you to strain to hear her tell you about how delicious her caprese salad is.

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#2. Take A BYOB Painting Class
For $25 or $35 per person — or you might be able to find a deal on Groupon or LivingSocial — you’ll show up and have all painting supplies provided for you while you and your date can sip on wine or booze and display how awful your painting skills are. The right instructor will keep the mood light (which means you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself) and you can provide running commentary throughout the event if things start to feel tense between you two.

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#3. Murder-Mystery Dinner Show
Okay, we know we dumped on doing dinner, but this is different. It’s an interactive experience where you and your date can be part of the plot. Typically, diners arrive and have drinks and mingle with other guests until a murder takes place. Relax, it’s not at O.J.’s house, it’s all part of the show. From there, detectives (and the audience) will attempt to solve the mystery throughout three courses of the meal. Keep an eye out for clues and share info about the case — it’s an easy way to get the conversation rolling. That is, unless your date is the killer. Then you better hightail it outta there, buddy.

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#4. Take A Brewery Tour
It’ll give you an excuse to drink without having to plant yourself at a bar. Obviously if she’s not into beer, consider wine tasting instead. But the idea being you can school yourself on local craft beers and get loose effortlessly. Just be sure to snack on something before or after; the last thing you need is to act like a total choad because you tossed back one too many beer samples.

#5. Watch An Improv Show
Improv theaters may or may not have booze, but they all have solid acts that represent their company well. Find out which ones they are. The tickets should cost anywhere from $5 to $15 and you’ll get a solid hour of comedy (hopefully) and possibly be asked to participate.