Sweet Pickup Lines to Woo a Lady

sweet pickup linesSo, you’ve finally summoned the courage and made eye contact with the beautiful woman sitting across the room. You’re sure she’s charming, witty, engaging and anything you could possibly hope for in a girl. However, one final hurdle remains. You have absolutely no idea what to say to her. With only seconds to make a good first impression, you have to get it right. What do you say?

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Have no fear. One of these sweet pickup lines is perfect for this situation.

-My friends bet that I couldn’t start a conversation with the most beautiful woman in the room. Can I buy you a drink with their money?

-Did the sun come out or did you smile at me?
-This morning, I saw a flower. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen until I met you.

-Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

-Cupid called. He said to tell you he needs my heart back.

The trick is to be confident. No amount of sweet pickup lines will help if you act insecure. Also, these are simply conversation starters at most. There is not a single line anywhere that will make a woman fall for you, so follow through. Once you’ve opened the conversation, introduce yourself. The key is to be confident and willing to engage in conversation.

Sweet pickup lines will not help you if you don’t follow through, but used wisely, they can open the doors to a world of possibilities in dating.

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