How to Style Beard Stubble

You’ll be out and about more as the weather gets warmer, which means if you have facial hair you’re going to need to know how to tame it.

By Michael Irons

I don’t enjoy shaving and no matter what I do I can’t seem to avoid razor burn. So out of sheer laziness and to avoid looking like I’ve got some rancid skin disease, I typically sport some facial-hair coverage. Sometimes that means I go full lumberjack, other times it’s a mere 5 o’clock shadow. Here’s how I maintain it … 

#1. Keep it Clean
I wash my beard when I wash my hair. I never use a comb, but my beard isn’t super long, so I don’t need daily. Just when I’m trimming. However, if you’re like the chef from The Great Outdoors (pictured in the clip), invest in a beard comb to get rid of the dead strands and to keep yourself from looking like the chef from The Great Outdoors

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2. Manage the Length
This is where a beard comb comes in handy. If your beard needs a trimmin’ — and every beard does from time to time — run the comb through a half-inch section of your wet beard until the comb is about 1/4 inch from the end of the hair. Trim the section with a pair of hair cutting shears. You can find these at discount stores or any place that sells grooming and beauty supplies. Trim all the sections of your beard evenly until it is tidy and lays in a becoming style.

how to style beard3. Use a Trimmer
The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler ($17) is a 3-in-1 groomer is great option for a guy like me. First, it’s compact. I can stash it in my medicine cabinet or drawer, or toss it in my dopp bag for trips.

Also, it comes with a standard razor in case I ever want to shave my face (which I probably won’t). But it’s like that old crumpled condom in my wallet — I feel good knowing it’s there despite knowing I’ll probably never have use for it.
What most appeals to me is the multiple trimmer heads that allows me to maintain my face-mane just how I like it. I’ve used it a handful of times to trim my grill-shrub to various lengths and have yet to have a hair pulled or get nicked. (And Gillette’s not paying me for this, so if it did slice me up, I’d have no trouble telling you about it.)

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