The Best Winter Boots for Men

The best winter boots will look cool, keep frostbite away from your little piggies, and allow you the traction to sprint from Yetis.

By Indy Drake

The Best Winter Boots for Men

The snow has fallen. The ice has set in. And the snow has fallen again. Now you’re like thisclose to cabin fever. So when you’re finally able to leave the house during rough winter weather, you’re better off strapping a durable, well-constructed winter boot instead of  running shoes, which become flimsy slippers once the snow soaks them. Your toes thank you (since they won’t fall off due to frostbite), and you’ll look stylish. That’s what we like to call a win-win.

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the best boots for men sorelSorel — Caribou Wool Boot ($160)
Sorel is notorious for manufacturing some of the best boots for men. Why? Because the full-grain leather and waterproof upper functions help to keep the elements out while the removable, felted wool InnerBoot keeps warmth in. Read: Your tootsies will be nice and cozy wozy. All that warmth would be nothing without traction to keep you from falling on your ass every time you take a step. Enter Sorel’s AeroTrac technology. Now when you’re at the cabin, you can traipse out in the snow in your swim trunks confident that your feet will stay warm and grounded.

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