Men’s Fall Fashion: Tips For Wearing Ties

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Men's Fall Fashion: Tips For Wearing Ties #1. DROP THE BRIGHTS Ditch the pastels and more fall-inspired colors. That might sound like obvious advice, but you'd be surprised how many guys screw it up. "As nature starts losing its bright colors, start to wear cooler, darker colors like green, blue, or purple," says Jacob Sigala, a tie expert from "You can't go wrong with any combo featuring navy blue, hunter green, white, maroon or brown." Of course, if you're an Oompa Loompa or have no idea how to properly use a fake tanning product, forget what we just said. The thing to remember here is to make sure you're getting colors that fit compliment  your complexion.

Rules For Fall Ties heavy material wool #2. CHOOSE HEAVIER MATERIAL As the weather turns cooler think about shifting your tie material away from lightweight summer material to something with more heft. "Look for heavier material like wool or cotton," suggests Sigala. "Avoid fabrics like seersucker or linen, as those are signature spring and summer materials."