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how to hide a hangover at work

How To Hide Your Hangover At Work

While nothing on this lovely rock can help you feel 100 percent after a night of boozing, you can look 100 percent better than death at work.


11 Hot Female Celebrities Who’ve Been Arrested

It’s difficult to argue that celebrities like Heather Locklear, Nicki Minaj, and Jaime Pressly aren’t hot, but their hotness doesn’t enable them to escape the escape the long arm of the law.


TIL: Tecate Light Isn’t The Worst Beer Ever

If you enjoy Tecate beer, you’ll probably like Tecate Light because the taste is all but identical. That said, if you hate Tecate, guess how you’ll feel about Tecate Light?

The Leprechaun

The Best Leprechauns of All Time

This Saint Patrick’s Day, halt your fistfight, remove your green plastic bowler hat, and make a toast to the little people with your green beer.


How To Pair Wine With Bar Food

Tired of drinking beers and cocktails with bar food? Neither are we. But for the times you want wine with greasy food, here’s how to pair them up properly.


What Guys Should Know About … Wine

How do you taste wine at a restaurant without looking like a jackass? How much do you need to pay? Is wine from a box okay? We’ve got the answers for you.


7 Natural Energy Drinks For Guys

Whether you were up late playing Tetris or threw back one too many cocktails, sometimes you need an energy boost. These (natural) drinks can give it to you.


How To Choose The Right Glass For Your Beer

Much like how to change a flat tire or Captain Kirk’s middle name, knowing what kind of glass is best for your beer is something a guy should just know.