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how to look better with your shirt off

How To Look Better With Your Shirt Off

If you eat healthy and do this workout program three times per week, you won’t need to worry about your gut and moobs when you hit the beach this summer.


6 Tips To Help You Lose Your Gut

Abs are made in the kitchen. So put on your apron and use these tips from Dr. Jeffry Life to ditch your spare tire.


Hey, Fat Mannequins Are People Too!

A Reddit post about a fat mannequin caused a minor uproar this week. We felt bad for the guy, so we wanted to prove that he’s just like everybody else.


What The Hell Is CrossFit Anyway?

You’ve probably seen commercials for CrossFit or noticed CrossFit gyms filled with the extremely fit. Some people call it a cult. But is it?


6 Ways To Supercharge Your Workouts

New Year’s resolution starting to sputter? Not advancing as quickly as you’d like? Then use these techniques to make your workouts more fun and effective.