10 Men’s Hairstyles That Attract Hot Women

Idris Elba Stylish Men's Haircuts Hot Women Love That'll Help Get You Laid


The kind of guy who can pull it off: Alpha males who like to have everything just so.

The kind of guy who can’t: Low-maintenance guys — you would have to go in every seven to 10 days for a touch-up.

The hair you’ll need: Doesn’t really matter what kind of hair you have because you won’t be keeping much of it.

How to style it: You may want to use a little bit of gel, but otherwise you’re good to go — after all, there’s not much to style.

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If you follow these guidelines, you will have increased your chances of landing a hot date. The most important factor is to have clean and well-groomed hair that suits your face shape. You should also keep up with the latest trends and find a style that makes you feel confident. With a little effort, you can appear more attractive to women and improve your dating prospects.