5 Ideas To Spice Up A Long Term Relationship

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It is only natural that after you and your partner have been together for a long time, things can start to feel slightly stale and repetitive. Here are five ideas to spice up a long-term relationship.

1. Date Nights

Remember back to the days when you were just dating your partner and how nervous and excited you were before meeting up in a restaurant or club? That nervous excitement is one of the things that makes a relationship survive the distance, and a fabulous way of recreating that excitement is to set an evening aside every week or fortnight for a proper old-fashioned date night. Reintroducing date nights will rebuild the communication between the pair of you, help rekindle the lost romance and allow you to relax and enjoy the togetherness feeling that you have been perhaps lacking up until this point.

2. Role Play

The most effective way of introducing new ideas to your partner is by appealing to their interests and perhaps even fetishes rather than catering to your own. Role play doesn’t need to be complicated or particularly full-on. You can even start by role-playing on a date and pretending the pair of you have never even met. Learn new things about each other that you have never taken the time to before and have fun with it. Check out this blog post via Lust Nerd.

3. Adult Toys

Adult toys and the taboo and myths surrounding them have thankfully been debunked in the mainstream, and nowadays, the popularity of adult toys has dramatically increased over the last few years. Sex itself is proven to bring two people together, not just physically but psychologically too, as it triggers the release of oxytocin which is a hormone that fosters bonding and trust. Take some time out of your day to spend time discussing and browsing an adult toy store website and encourage your partner to try something different in the bedroom.

4. Therapy

Couple therapy is a fantastic and highly beneficial investment for couples who want to spice up their relationship and are appropriate for any kind of relationship, however strong and healthy. Couple’s therapy is useful in going towards resolving problems and issues as well as adding excitement and a new lease of life into your relationship as you learn more intimately what each other wants and needs out of both your relationship and life in general.

5. Disconnect From Social Media

Cutting back on all social media will most likely improve your sleep patterns, and instead of spending that last half hour in bed on your phone, you can talk together and use that time to increase intimacy levels between the two of you. Imagine how much more time you would have to be with your partner if the pair of you weren’t glued to your screens; even watching a movie together will be elevated by being able to immerse yourselves in the story and each other. This will also reduce the chances of outside influences affecting the relationship, ensuring you have a tight bond.