11 Simple Sports Betting Tips for Beginners


Are you considering earning extra cash from sports betting?

Sports betting offers you a great way to get into the action of a game and earn some respect by wagering. But for you to win, you need to know that gambling involves mathematics, not just luck.

Thus, take your time to understand sports gambling to avoid making bad decisions that could cost you money. Do you want to improve your chances of winning in sports betting? Read on to learn 11 simple sports betting tips for beginners.

1. Start Staking Small Bets

Learning how to beat sportsbooks take time.

Additionally, you only have a limited amount of money that you want to use. Thus, don’t make the mistake of betting too much. You can learn how to bet at howtobet.com.

So, when you decide to start betting on sports, set a certain amount of money. Divide that amount into smaller units. As your betting results improve, you can consider wagering a larger amount.

2. Focus on Small Part of One Sport

You may start by taking on your favorite teams on NFL, MLB, NBA, or NCAA.

But one mistake you should never make when you are just a beginner is to bet on sports you don’t know much about. Also, don’t switch from one league to another; focus on a small part of the sport. For instance, you can just choose one conference in NCAA football.

Focus on building a knowledge base to help you pick winners.

3. Make Moneyline Wagers

In most sporting events, there are usually two different lines. One is against the spread bet line which one team gives points, and the other gets points.

The other common line is the money line. You can pick a team that wins a game to win the bet in this bet. However, it will cost you more to pick the favorite, but it is easier to pick the winner.

You can also pick the underdogs teams which have a good chance of winning a game. By doing so, you will win more than you risk; also, you will not need to make many bets to make a profit.

4. Understand the Home Team Bias

Often, the home team wins more than visiting team.

However, the percentage may vary depending on sports type and seasons. Thus, you need to understand how home team bias can hurt your winnings.

Since home teams win more, bettors often give them too much credit when defining the best bet. Sportsbooks have also learned about bettor favor for the home team. Thus, they will factor in home team bias when setting their odds.

This is why betting on a home underdog team isn’t profitable. However, you must know that betting on too many road teams will just be costly as betting on too many home teams.

5. Don’t Always Bet on Your Favorite Team

Betting on your favorite team may feel good. But if you are a serious sports bettor, you must look at the game unbiasedly.

When betting on a game with your favorite team, it gets exceptionally difficult to be unbiased. This is because you will think your team has a better chance of winning than they actually have.

Thus, stop betting on games involving your favorite team.

6. Understand How Sportsbooks Make Money

You want to profit through sports betting; you also need to know how sportsbooks make money.

Knowing how sportsbooks make money will help you in the quest to make a profit. For instance, a bookie takes $110 to win $100 on team A, and another wager place $110 to win $100 for team B. If team A wins the game, the sportsbook will pay $100, leaving them with a $10 profit on the game.

However, if you accurately predict the final score, you can identify situations where sportsbook set different odds to your prediction. This is because books are more interested in creating equal action that guarantees profit than predicting final scores.

7. Learn About Positions

Evaluating players’ positions can also improve your chances of winning.

For instance, in football, the quarterback position is the most important. In hockey, pay attention to the position of the goalies and weigh their input.

Additionally, evaluate the position of every player; only then can you accurately predict the outcome of an event.

8. Consider Line Shopping

You only have one choice in any sports betting event, choosing the side more likely to win.

Comparing lines at different places can help you know which team is suited to win. Line shopping involves finding the most favorable odds for the team you intend to bet on.

Online gambling sites are the best place to do line shopping.

9. Don’t Bet on Bigger Games

Well, popular games usually create more betting action. Thus, sportsbooks spend more time making lines for popular sports to avoid losing money.

Popular games usually have tighter lines than less popular ones. Thus, concentrate on games that bookies will spend less time setting lines. You can find more betting value on these games than on bigger ones.

10. Avoid Risky Sports

In some situations, games fixing happens and can cost you money.

Thus, avoid tennis and golf, which are easier to fix. Focus on more difficult-to-fix sports like baseball, hockey, or football.

11. Treat Your Betting Like Business

If you want to profit from sports betting, you must treat it like a business rather than a hobby.

Thus, you need to budget, track results, and learn from your mistakes. Strife to make a profit in every bet you place; also, consider keeping your betting investment separate from your other finances.

Make Use of Sports Betting Tips to Make Profit

For beginners, making a profit on sports betting can be difficult.

However, you can use the sports betting tips discussed above to improve your chances of winning. It would be best if you also kept learning to improve your betting skills. Your goal should be to master all gambling strategies.

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