11 Ways To Save Hundreds on Groceries

11 Ways To Save Hundreds on Groceries buy from butcher

#5. Buy Meat From The Butcher

A butcher shop has more meat variety and prices that are on par (or lower) than you’ll find at grocery stores. The butcher can also save you time with prep by trimming fat and slicing or grinding the meat for you at no additional charge. If going to the butcher scares you because he carries a cleaver and has blood stains splattered all over his shirt, purchasing meat that’s reaching its expiration date at the super market is an alternative that can save you big — up to 65 or 75 percent, if you get lucky.

#6. Buy Produce That’s In Season

Food has seasons. For instance, apples, Brussels sprouts, and squash are most abundant in the fall. Conversely, asparagus, broccoli, and corn grow in the spring. So if you insist on buying asparagus now, you’re going to shell out more cash for it because chances are it’s spent a bunch of time in transit from somewhere far away. For a list of what’s in season where you live, check out this seasonal cooking ingredient map from Epicurious.