11 Ways To Save Hundreds on Groceries

ways to save hundreds on groceries frozen fruit and veggies

#9. Join A Rewards Program

If your grocery store offers discounts and rebates through a free club card and you’re not taking advantage of it, you don’t deserve to eat. Stories are trying to create customer loyalty by offering perks to people who take two minutes to fill out an application. So fill it out.

#10. Buy Frozen Fruits And Veggies

Frozen food tends to cost less than fresh produce. Studies show that produce begins to lose nutrients as soon as it’s picked, so when it gets frozen, the nutritional value actually sticks around longer. That means you’re saving money at the register, eating just as healthy, and not potentially wasting money tossing out rotting food.

#11. Take Advantage Of Dollar Stores

Chains like 99 Cents Only Stores carry produce, bagged veggies and salads, sports drinks, salad dressing, and spices, and plenty of it is name-brand stuff. Since they often cost a buck, you’ll often save at least that much per item when compared to buying them from grocery stores.