The 12 Best Summer Albums of All Time

best summer albums big starBest Album For Getting Stoned In Your Parents’ Basement in 1975

Big Star | #1 Record/Radio City ($9.50 @ 20&l=ur2&o=1 | 1972/1974

It’s borderline criminal that it took the death of frontman Alex Chilton this past March to cement his status as a master of the kind of power pop summer nights are both suited for and the subject matter of. The first two of the three albums his Memphis band made—generally packaged now as a double album—plays like a greatest-hits set. “In the Street” nails no-good teen ennui so perfectly that the makers of That ’70s Show swiped it for their theme song, while the comedown “Watch the Sunrise” makes you want to stay up until six in the morning just on principle.

Summeriest Song: “September Gurls”

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