16 Best Cheap Men’s Hair Products

pantene pro v sculpting waxPantene Pro-V Texturize! Sculpting Wax ($5 @ Amazon.com)

Why you’ll like it: Though affordable, it gives more expensive brands a run for their money. It’s strong enough to make your hair stand completely on end (but, uh, don’t do that), yet flexible enough that it doesn’t harden or get crunchy after applying it. One warning: Despite being one of the best inexpensive hair waxes, it might leave your pillow a bit greasy, so you may want to shower before you hit the sheets.

wax gel hair look betterGarnier Fructis Water-Based Shine Wax ($5 @ Amazon.com)

Why you’ll like it: Since this wax is water-based, it washes out easily. It also offers a softer hold than a pomade or traditional wax while adding more shine. That makes it great for slicking hair down Mad Men-style.