20 Funny Quasi-Funny Jokes to Text Women

what to text a woman

Funny Texts That’ll Make Women Smile (Hopefully)

If you’re relying on your sense of humor via text messages to win her over, I hope you like masturbating. While getting me to crack a smile with a text is a good way to get me to let her guard down — it shows you’re quick on your feet and can roll with the punches — the time you spend with me face to face is what’s going to get you a second date. That being said, there is something endearing about a guy who isn’t afraid to be corny. If you send it and own it, it shows you have balls. I like that.

I trolled the internet for some kind-of, sort-of funny jokes can get the ball rolling when you text someone. I woudln’t use them as an intro on Tinder or before you get to know her personality. Allow your gut to guide you. If you think she’d roll her eyes and hit delete, you’re probably right.

1. Are you a chicken? Because you’re impeccable.