4 Signs She’s Interested (And How to Respond)

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Dating can be a minefield, leaving you in a constant state of high alert trying to read subtle signs and ascertain whether she likes you or you are well and truly in the ‘friend zone.’ Getting it wrong can lead to embarrassing and awkward situations and ruin good friendships, so it’s important to make sure you are reading the signs right before making your move. Don’t worry about entering the friend zone as girls will generally only go there with boys they have no romantic interest in any way. Here are some subtle (and not so subtle) tell-tales to look out for.

1. The Glance

Girls will quite often glance more frequently at boys they are interested in. Usually, they will try to hide this and may look away quickly when caught. A quick wink and smile from you will send her heart fluttering and you should be able to pick up some kind of a reaction to this, sometimes a grin or even a blush. If you do catch a quick glance, try and hold that look for as long as possible to establish a connection.

2. The Touch

This is less subtle but can be misinterpreted as some people are generally more tactile than others. If this is a single cougar you’ve just met or a girl you’re already on a date with, then the chances are that repeated touches are a sign that she’s interested, but for friends and colleagues, you should be less confident with this little tell-tale. Little return touches will hint to her that you are also interested, a gentle hand on the small of her back to guide her through doorways will excite her senses and keep her interested.

3. The Teasing

Girls like to have fun with boys they are interested in and often this can take the form of teasing. The more playful banter that comes your way, the more likely it is that she’s trying to get your attention. She may also be testing your ability to make fun of yourself, so laughter and engagement from you will go down well and encourage her to continue to the next level.

4. The Change in Appearance

For girls you are already acquainted with, small changes in their appearance can be signs that they are interested in attracting you. Suddenly dressing up, a new hairdo, or wearing make-up when they don’t usually will all hint that she is trying to impress someone, but you should consider whether it’s you. Repeatedly touching her hair when in your presence can point towards you being the object of her desires but tread warily with girls you don’t know well as some girls just like to look good. Complimenting a girl on her outfit or hair works well in these situations.

The key to reading all the above signs is patience and you should avert rushing in if you want to avoid embarrassing situations. Once you are surer, you can proceed by asking her out on a date but try and establish whether she is single first and remember that some girls are just flirty towards everyone. Observe, if you can, how she behaves around other men to see if you are the exception or the rule.