4 Ways To Turn Her Down
(Without Being A Jerk)

How To Turn Her Down Friend of Friend

How to Turn Down … A Friend of a Friend
Tell the person who set you up that the date was fun, but the woman isn’t your type. The middleman or woman will take it from there and do any necessary sugarcoating for you. But if she reaches out to you directly for another date, you’ll have to call her — even if she sent an email or text.

Calling is classier and will be least offensive to her and the person that set you up. Just be careful with what you say. Lying to friends of friends can get you into trouble if you’re caught, so something vague like, “I’m flattered, but I’m kind of interested in someone else right now.” should work. Then switch topics and ask if she’s coming out to an event with your group of friends — like a happy hour — on Friday. Even if you’re not actively trying to get into another girl’s pants, telling her that white lie will make her feel better about herself and make future run-ins way less awkward. Also, nobody can prove you lied.