5 Benefits Of A Leather Travel Bag

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Outside travel has been restricted since the pandemic hit Europe hard. Right now, it’s better to stay at home and only go out when necessary; your cross-country trip can wait. When borders reopen, however, you’d want a good travel bag to carry your stuff.

Consider a stylish leather travel bag for the occasion. You’d want to be able to recognize your bag in your trips, and a leather bag stands out (although a nametag could also help). You’d also want to look fabulous while touring the continent, and a leather bag is nothing short of classy.

You might ask yourself: “Why a leather bag?” Other travel bags in the market are more robust and can hold more stuff, but these tend to be big and might even cost you much in luggage fees. If you fancy traveling light and in style, you’ll love the benefits a leather bag can offer. You might love it even more once you hear the other things leather can do.

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1. It’s Tougher Than It Looks

Leather goes back to as early as ancient Egypt, where people made clothing, footwear, and everyday items out of it. Later, the ancient Greeks developed ways to preserve the material through a process now known as tanning. As a result, leather artifacts discovered in archaeological sites were found to be relatively intact.

Of course, making leather last for thousands of years requires the right conditions. Nevertheless, a premium leather travel bag at vonbaer.com and other reputable stores can remain pristine for decades, thanks to tanning. One form of tanning is vegetable tanning, a process that treats leather in organic materials, like tree bark and plant tissue. 

2. It’s Light Enough To Carry

Leather bags typically come as either hand-carry bags or small backpacks. Carrying a bag by hand comes with benefits, like saving on luggage fees and the comforting feeling that your bag is nearby. The bag’s handles can support a lot of weight, granted the bag itself is not packed beyond capacity. Use it to carry your clothes and toiletries, but not heavier items, like laptops and cameras.

One gram of intertwined leather fibers can be made into 300 square meters of interior space. For weighing so light, leather is also stretchable.

3. It’s Easy To Clean

Caring for a leather bag can be as simple as wiping the bag’s surface with a clean cloth, especially if it gets drenched. Even when treated, leather isn’t water-resistant, and not leaving it to dry might cause the material to crack. You also want to store the bag away from sunlight and the elements to prolong its pristine looks.

For more thorough cleaning, you’ll need the right kind of leather cleaner. You can make a solution by mixing equal parts of vinegar and hot water; some solutions include olive oil. Consider buying leather cleaners available in the market for complete leather care.  

4. It’s (About To Be) Eco-Friendly

Until recently, cattle hide is the primary base material for making leather. However, cattle farming has become an environmental concern, with forests cleared to expand grazing lands. Raising cattle also requires a great deal of water and other natural resources. This is why leather hasn’t appealed to specific groups.

However, in recent years, a new industry is looking into the possibility of plant-based leather as a viable alternative. This isn’t the same as synthetic leather, which is another alternative, as this kind of leather will come from fiber from pineapple leaves. It won’t be long before leather bags will be made out of similar materials—and the average person won’t be able to tell the difference.

5. Its Style Will Last

For centuries, leather has been a symbol of class. Handmaking the material in the olden days made it expensive, only afforded by the rich and famous. Today, modern equipment and techniques have cut the time required to make leather to just weeks at most. While still quite an investment, it won’t take as much to own a leather bag today.

With proper use and care, leather’s texture and looks will stay for years—perhaps, even outlasting its user. Leather travel bags may not draw crowds, but they can draw curious gazes thinking where they can get one.


Leather travel bags possess a kind of style and reliability distinct from other travel bags. However, they require a higher standard of care, although still easy enough to do it yourself. Don’t hesitate to choose leather to carry your stuff on your upcoming travels. You only get to travel so many times in your life, so make every chance count.