5 Foods that Cause Premature Ejaculation and What to Eat Instead


Having issues lasting longer in bed? Did you know your diet can have a large influence on your stamina and endurance in the bedroom? What you use to fuel your body has a big impact on how you look, how you feel, and how you do. It’s important to eat the right things to keep you in tip-top shape.

Want to know what’s a possible cause of your sexual health problems and if you want to prolong your sexual health? Then you’ll want to keep reading to find out the foods that cause premature ejaculation!

1. Fast Food

Likely the number one culprit for most ailments, fast food is a big problem that makes it to the foods that cause premature ejaculation list. 

Fast food has been proven by countless studies to cause a large variety of bodily issues that can even eventually cause unnaturally early death. This is because fast food typically has a high fat and salt content, which makes your body more sluggish, clogs your arteries, and even causes heart attacks.

Better yet, it can even be a contributor to erectile dysfunction, and in turn, premature ejaculation issues. Swap out the burgers and fries for a salad, or high protein, low sodium dish to keep you going longer. 

The best option is to try to avoid fast food in general by grocery shopping and meal prepping to stop eating out as much as you can.

If fast food is your only option, try to go for a high protein wrap or a salad with half the dressing serving to cut down on the salt and fat content.

Along with avoiding certain foods, consider using Delay Spray, which has been proven to help men last longer.

2. Foods High in Sugar 

Sugar is the other side of the culprit spectrum of foods that cause premature ejaculation, and other performance issues. 

There have been studies on rats that have shown the effects of sugar on the body to be similar to the drug cocaine and be just as detrimental to your health.

In general, foods with a high amount of sugar are not recommended for people as they have a higher chance of increasing weight and slowing down metabolic functions due to their up-and-down nature. The issues they cause in the body have an influence on a variety of bodily functions.

Foods high in sugar temporarily increase your energy rate before plummeting into a sugar crash. If you plan on increasing sugar intake before getting frisky, chances are you’re going to finish a lot quicker than expected—this increases your body’s energy, which makes you a little more trigger-happy than usual. 

3. Not Getting Your Vitamins and Minerals

You can look at remedies, like premature ejaculation spray, to help you out with your performance problems, but you definitely can’t pass up on your vitamins and minerals.

Oftentimes, deficiencies can play a big role in a variety of issues in your body Premature ejaculation could also be a sign of a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency. Making sure you’re eating nutrient-rich can be one of the best premature ejaculation fix options.

These are important in not only performance aid, but also in your overall health. If you find your diet is lacking in these important vitamins and minerals, look at taking supplements to maintain the right amount in your body at all times.

4. Balanced Whole Foods

An alternative to taking a bunch of supplements is making sure the foods that you choose are whole foods. 

It’s a good idea to avoid any packaged foods due to their unhealthy additives and stick to foods that don’t need labels to identify them. An easy fix is to prepare sauces and dressings at home and try to cook meals with a mixture of fruits and/or vegetables, a carbohydrate source, and a protein source to make sure you are getting everything you need in each and every meal.

If you’re unsure of what to make, there are a lot of great websites that offer healthy recipes to step up your cooking game and introduce you to a wide variety of meal options. 

Make sure you’re not skipping out on meals like breakfast to keep your body fueled and ready to go.

5. Avoiding Food Intolerances

Another issue that’s bound to cause issues with your sexual health is intolerances or allergies to specific foods that cause premature ejaculation. 

If you are unsure of any food allergies, you have the option of either following an elimination diet to discover what the triggers are, like a low-FODMAP diet or an anti-inflammatory diet.

If you don’t know where to begin, you should definitely seek the help of an allergy specialist to determine any underlying issues. The specialist will set you up with the right tools you need to deal with your food triggers and meal options to get you on your way to better health.

Food intolerances can cause an inflammatory response in your body that affects a lot of things, sometimes causing premature ejaculation. Determining these trigger foods can be the premature ejaculation remedy you’ve been looking for to get you in top sexual health. 

Avoiding Foods That Cause Premature Ejaculation

Your overall health is important in improving your performance than just avoiding certain foods that cause premature ejaculation.

If you’re noticing continuous issues that haven’t gone away from avoiding these certain foods, you will want to make an appointment to speak to your doctor about further testing to rule out health problems or diseases. Underlying health conditions can be the reason for your sexual health issues and may require the help of a specialist to resolve them.

Getting your daily dose of exercise and eating the right healthy food can help you perform better and last longer both inside and outside of the bedroom.