5 Great Watches Under $400

great watches for men $400 Michael Kors Men's MK8107 Michael Kors Oversize Black Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch ($155 @ Amazon.com)
Unless you have slender, feminine wrists — hey, we’re not judging — a large watch face can make a bold statement. That statement being, “I am a success, and as a result I’m not afraid to be a little flashy. Speaking of which, have you noticed my gigantic watch?” And you don’t even need an equally gigantic bank account to wear a watch that hints that you have one.

The Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph sets itself apart in two ways: one, it comes in this bad-ass black-on-black version, and two, the only number it features is the Roman numeral XII. Nevertheless, telling time is surprisingly easy — but that’s almost beside the point when it looks like you ripped the gauge cluster out of a stealth bomber and wrapped it around your wrist.

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