5 Great Watches Under $400

great watches under $400 nixon unit watchNixon The Unit Wrist Watch ($102 @ Amazon.com)
There are some things that are from the 1980s and should stay there (acid-wash jeans, big hair, Yakov Smirnoff), but the digital watch isn’t one of them. Now, that doesn’t mean you should wear a calculator watch so you can make a show of computing the tip after going out to dinner. But you should check out the latest generation of design-forward digitals, which are even cooler than the Casio you loved as a kid.

The Nixon Unit Wrist Watch combines a face displaying 12- or 24-hour time, date and temperature alongside a count-down timer, alarm and light functions. If you’re going digital, you might as well make the most of all the benefits it has over an analog.

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