5 Nutritional Supplements For … Basically Anyone

5 Supplements For Basically Anyone melatonin

#4. Melatonin
Studies show that Americans don’t get enough sleep. When you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle or not be a grumpy asshole, lack of sleep becomes a large issue.

Your body recovers and repairs during sleep, so if you’re not getting enough — or not getting the proper type of sleep — you won’t see gains. Taking .03-1 milligram of melatonin about an hour before you hit the hay can help you catch the proper zzzzzs.

That’s if you’re practicing good sleep hygiene. If the TV is on, the iPad is out, and the lights are beaming, don’t count on it. If you can get into the habit of using your bed for sex and sleep you’ll train yourself to sleep better.

#5. Multivitamin
Here’s the thing about multivitamins — you don’t need to take them daily. You can, sure, but you’ll most likely end up peeing out the stuff you don’t need. On days you’re feeling lethargic, it might help give you a boost. But again, it’s only about filling in for things like vitamins and nutrients that you’re not – but should be — getting from whole food sources. Another tip: get a multivitamin with minerals. Your body can’t produce minerals so making sure you’re getting the proper amount is essential.