5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive

Simple Ways Boost Sex Drive crySTOP MAKING HER CRY
Actually, you should try to do that even if your libido is plenty high. But here’s added motivation: According to new research, women’s tears are bad news for your sex life, and not just for the reasons you think. Neurobiologists in Israel discovered that the odor of women’s tears — yes, they have an odor — is the equivalent of a cold shower for men. The scientific explanation is that back in caveman days, crying would send the message to males that the female was vulnerable.

Her tears would reduce his testosterone, which would in turn reduce his aggression, therefore keeping cave chicks safe. These days, you possess more advanced communication skills (we hope) so your biological reaction isn’t good for much except hindering your ability to get it up. With that in mind, avoid sappy movies and stop watching Extreme Home Makeover together on Sunday nights.

Keep yourself Fit, Ready, and Confident

There’s no shame in admitting you are having issues in boosting your sex drive. The first step to fixing whatever issue there maybe is properly confronting it. 

Eating right and keeping fit are just basic things you can do. Feeling confident about your ‘skills’ and yourself won’t do any harm. With the help of natural male enhancing products, you can surely get yourself in shape while working on increasing your libido.