5 Things You Should (And Shouldn’t) Say To Her In Bed

what you should (and shouldn't) say to a woman in bed not your type

#2. If She’s Not Your Usual Type But You Still Enjoyed Yourself  …

Say: You’re so hot. I love your [G-rated body part].
Don’t say: Normally, I like bigger/smaller boobs/hips/butts, but yours is great.

One time I slept with a guy who said, “You know, normally I sleep with really petite girls, but this was good!” Guess who I didn’t sleep with again? Keep those opinions to yourself, and focus on all her other notable attributes. Keep in mind that under no circumstances do women ever want to hear anything that would make us think we’re looked at as anything less than a goddess. When you’re with us and especially when we’re naked, make sure you remember that.