This Could Be The Worst (Aka Best) Public Breakup Tantrum Ever [Video]

Getting back together doesn’t work, according to studies. But if you wanted to buck science and go for it anyway, which do you think the best method would be to win back the heart of your ex:
A) Give the person space and respect their wishes.
B) Go out to bars routinely and post photos of you with attractive people in hopes of making her jealous.
C) Throw a massive temper tantrum in the middle of a street while someone records your embarrassing meltdown.

meltdown video hong kong womanStill thinking? Here’s a hint — it’s A or B. Nobody told this poor woman from Hong Kong that C isn’t the answer. Her heartbreak was so severe she made a complete ass of herself in front of strangers and passersby. The video is mesmerizing, demonstrating how we acted as children when our mothers told us that we had to shut our Nintendos off and go to bed despite knowing that we were THISCLOSE to claiming the final piece to the Triforce.

Except this is a 24-year-old adult. She flails, wails, kicks her feet, smacks the pavement, and sometimes just lays there like a starfish. Eventually, she gets hauled off on a gurney by people we hope checked her into a mental health facility.

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