14 Cool Airline Carry-On
Bags For Men

duffel bag carry on bag for men brownJaald 24″ Leather Men’s Duffle Bag ($90 @ Amazon.com)
Jaald takes a pioneer-style, all-leather stab at the classic cylinder duffel bag. It has a roomy main compartment with no-nonsense exterior pockets on each side with the requisite buckling closures and waxed canvas stitching. The leather strap is also reinforced, leaving nothing to be desired but a musket and coon-cap.


cabinmax-grey carry on bag for menCabin Max Oxford Carry-On Backpack and Trolley ($65 @ Amazon.com)
Cabin Max’s wheelie backpack offers super accessibility for laptops and small items during a flight. Design-wise it’s simple yet stylish: there’s a flap to hold back the backpack straps when not in use and a zip cover for the T-shaped pull handle, along with all the space needed for a good week’s worth of clothes. If you want something to use during your commute as well as when you travel, it’s a great option. If you’re looking for something that holds more cargo, you’re better off going with a standard carry-on bag or a duffel.


grey red bull carry on bag for men ogioOgio Red Bull Signature Series Carry-On Outdoor Bag ($150 @ Amazon.com)
Plenty of side pockets for organizing travel accessories, and ample indoor space for all of your clothing and essentials, Ogio’s Red Bull is water-resistant and comes with one-year warranty to cover any damage incurred by impromptu Amazonian forays. The dimensions are: 22″H x 14″W x 9.5″D.