6 Reasons Sports Depress You

6 Reasons Sports Make You Depressed compare ourselves to sports

#4. We Compare Ourselves To The Sports World

Even if your team isn’t losing — or winning, or even playing — the grandiose presence of the world of professional sports can infest a man’s brain with thoughts of comparison and disappointment. “When you start competing in big, broad strokes,” says Masini, ”like comparing a millionaire athlete’s life with your own, when you’re un-athletic and struggling to make rent, it’s usually a sign that you’ve got a problem that you’re projecting onto an athlete.

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The reality is that everybody — the President, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, LeBron James — has problems. It’s unfair to compare yours to theirs because you don’t know the details or the history of anyone else’s life but your own. That’s where empathy comes into play. When you are mature enough to understand that you don’t know the details or the history of what it’s like to be a sports legend, then you will be able to stop comparing or competing with them. Focus on your own life. Look in the mirror instead of on your HD big screen TV, for answers.”