6 Reasons Sports Depress You

6 Reasons Sports Make You Depressed distractions

#2. The Distraction Can Turn On Us

Sports exist as games – distractions from everyday life, designed to give respite and release. According to Masini, “Many men become sports fans because sports are a release for their personal lives. Going to a game, or watching a game, gets them out of the grind — at least for as long as they’re involved in that game. Their being a sports fan is a way of improving their mental and physical health because it alleviates stress in their lives.”

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When the distraction becomes unpleasant, we feel let down and betrayed. Masini adds, “Seasoned sports fans have more experience under their belts — wins and losses — so that when an upset occurs, they have experience upon which to draw from in terms of their own reactions. If a game is going to be a nail-biter, and emotionally, they’ve got a lot riding on the win, they may want to watch it alone, so that if there is a loss, they don’t have to be in pain in public or among others, which can be even more painful, than suffering alone.”