6 Reasons Sports Depress You

6 Reasons Sports Make You Depressed compartmentalize

#6. We Sweep It Under The Rug

A larger part of being a guy is the struggle with feelings and emotions. Sports are no different. Masini says, “When a guy’s team loses, and he gets depressed, his natural inclination is to withdraw, emotionally — and sometimes physically. He’s not going to be in the mood for anything. Men don’t talk about their feelings the way women do, if at all.

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You’ll know a guy’s depressed by his behavior — not because he’s running to the doctor for a prescription for Prozac, or needing to “de-brief” with his friends after a loss. Men are often more sensitive than women, but the way they show these feelings is by being withdrawn, grumpy, negative and absent. Some men will take comfort in being around fans who are also let down by the same team’s loss. Guaranteed: they will not want to be around anyone who’s team beat theirs.”