7 Hairstyle Tips for Guys With Thinning Hair

hairstyle tips for guys with thinning hair

You panic. Hey, we get it. You have just a few measly hairs to cover your entire head. But trust us, there’s a better way to find volume and texture than by way of the rattail comb. “When guys try to cover up the problem, it just makes it more obvious. Don’t assume people won’t notice if you rat your hair; they will,” Friedman says.

“Wash your hair every day, especially if you’ve been sweating,” Friedman says. While scrubbing your delicate strands may seem counterintuitive, daily shampooing helps remove follicle-clogging sweat and product buildup. While neither of these cause hair loss, it’s important to maintain a clean and healthy hair environment.

To foster balanced scalp health, Natalie Brache, Master Stylist at Salon Glo in Valencia, Calif., recommends Kerastase Spécifique. The three-step system includes shampoo, a scalp treatment, and a lotion densitive. “The densitive adds texture and substance to make the hair appear thicker,” Brache says.