7 Hairstyle Tips for Guys With Thinning Hair

hairstyle tips for guys with thinning hair shampoo remedies

If you haven’t had any luck with products or methods, keep looking. For example, you ever heard of Ovation Cell Therapy? Since it’s not Rogaine, we bet you haven’t. It’s a hair care system that’s been lauded for its ability to regrow hair. “I’ve had very good results with Ovation Cell Therapy,” Friedman says. “Men who have lost hair due to chemotherapy have had great success getting their hair to grow back.”

But the shampoo treatment system can also help guys with fine or thinning hair. Ovation thickens with protein, so you want to work in a moisturizing conditioner to prevent strands from drying out and breaking. Make sure you select a moisturizing conditioner and not one for damaged hair, which only has more protein. It is pretty strong stuff, so Friedman recommends using the shampoo two days a week, with usages separated by at least two days.

Mousses and hairsprays are often too heavy for thinning hair, can clog hair follicles, and make hair appear dirty or flat. Friedman recommends using a fast-drying gel if you want to create texture. With the gel, you have much more control over placement, so you can avoid getting it on your scalp. “Paddle over the top of the hair versus into the hair,” Friedman says. If Rockabilly is what you’re after, mix the gel with a little pomade. “The mixture provides a polished Great Gatsby look.”