7 Marketing Stunts Gone Horribly Wrong

worst marketing stunts of all time

Max Motors’ AK-47 Giveaway
Many people consider the AK-47 to be the most important weapon developed over the past 100ish years — yes, more important than the atomic bomb — because some variant of it has been used in seemingly every world conflict (and certainly every third-world conflict) since its release in, you guessed it, 1947. It’s on the Mozambique flag, for crying out loud.

You know who else loves the AK? The good people of Max Motors in Butler, Missouri! The crew at Max gave away vouchers for a free AK-47 to any customer who bought a truck from them. Why’d they give away assault rifles for buying a car? Because they’d given away all their Caltec pistols in a similar stunt the year before (seriously). You got a problem with that, you socialist?