7 Of The Sexiest Movie Hookers Of All Time

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Vivian | Pretty Woman (1990)
Well, yeah, she’s sort of the gold-standard of movie hookers. Paid by Richard Gere to help him seal some business deals, Julia Roberts’ breakout portrayal of this fairy tale streetwalker helped coin the term “hooker with a heart of gold.” Cause that’s a term the world desperately needed.

Pros: After working for billionaire Gere, she probably wouldn’t have to service any more common clients. Yay! Less chlamydia!
Cons: Costs $3,000 per week, plus credit cards. Gerbils are WAY cheaper, rich Richard?

Verdict? Pass. We couldn’t deal with her laugh, even for the three minutes we’d be charged for.

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The Girl Next Door (2004)

Emile Hirsch stars as Matthew Kidman, a wide-eyed 18 year old with high ambitions of one day becoming president. However, these aspirations are thrown into disarray when he discovers the beautiful neighbor from next door is actually an ex-porn star whose former employer (Timothy Olyphant) reappears seeking to lure her back in. With his dream romance crumbling before him will Matthew be able gather up enough courage and tenacity to convince Danielle that their love can overcome any obstacle?