7 Ways To Turn Her Off To Sex

I’m not a prude. That’s not to say I’m easy. I’m most certainly not … Well, most of the time I’m not. It’s just that, like you, I enjoy sex and I’m not opposed to a one-night stand if the situation presents itself. And no, just because I’m a woman writing that doesn’t make me a slut or a tramp. I’m a goddamn human.

But things can go south quickly — and that’s not some clever sexual innuendo, you perv. I mean I can be turned off easier than I can be turned on. I don’t have unrealistic expectations or want you to try to be perfect, but I do require you to act civilized and treat me with the same respect I treat you. You’d be surprised as how often that’s too much to ask.

Even still, making all the right moves to get me into the sack doesn’t guarantee our personalities will mesh or there will be chemistry. But making all the wrong ones will ensure that you’ll go home alone. Whether you’re in a relationship or trying to pick someone like me up for a fling, these are seven things you’ll want to avoid …

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