10 Board Games That Aren’t Lame

board games that aren't lame catchphrase#5. Catch Phrase ($17 @ Amazon.com)
Players: 3-2 zillion

Pop in three AAA batteries and choose a category, like Tech/Inventions, History Buff, Food/Drink, or Everything. Once you’ve made a selection, the person holding the disc has to get their teammates to say the word or phrase, like “strong, silent type” or “backseat driver”, as quickly as possible. When a member of the team guesses correctly, the disc gets passed to a player on the opposite team. There’s no rhyming (“Rhymes with…”) and no saying, “It’s Ronny Larson, except replace the C with a J, and the L with a C.”

Teams continue to pass the disc until the buzzer sounds. If you’re holding it when that happens, you just lost the game for your team. Way to go, jerk.