8 Crazy Theories About The Shining


Another prevailing theory is that Kubrick was using the horrific events at the Overlook as an elaborate metaphor for what early American settlers did to the Native Americans. The hotel is adorned with Native American art — check out the photo above; it kinda looks like the hotel was decorated by a middle-aged lesbian couple. In addition, there are cans of Calumet baking powder in key scenes. The Calumet cans not only feature a Native American chief in full headdress (check the lower left corner of the photo below), but the name “Calumet” means “peace pipe. Was Kubrick suggesting these canned good represent broken treaties?! Probably not, but maybe!

Throughout the movie, Danny wears very patriotic clothes (his jammies and red, white, and blue with stars and stripes), as does Jack when he goes on his psychotic spree (blue shirt, red jacket). Wendy the mom wears a bright yellow coat with teepees on the back. We know — she needs a new stylist.