Guys Who Should Seriously Consider Taming Their Eyebrows [Photos]

You Look Like An Idiot

Keeping the hair on your head, hair on your face, and hair on your body in check helps you look more like a man and less like a Wookiee — and that tends to come in handy when you want to be taken seriously at work, get laid, or avoid “random” body-cavity searches at airport security. Now, we’re not saying you need to tweeze or style every hair that sprouts, but basic maintenance is important. And one area where a lot of guys fall short is with their eyebrows.

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For many guys, eyebrows are the least of their hairy problems. But most of us at least need to do some unibrow prevention, and some of us need to do much more? Because if you neglect them, you’ll wind up looking as goofy as these guys, sporting some of the worst eyebrows styles we’ve ever seen.