10 Surprising Facts About People Who Cheat

surprising facts about cheaters

Whether you consider necking, kissless dry-humping, or graphic sexts cheating — and if you’re like us, you probably do — we can all agree that when bodily fluids are shared or the plane of another woman’s end zone has been breached, betrayal has officially occurred.

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One weird thing is that many cheaters consider themselves to be happy in their marriages. Strange, right? And that’s not the only surprising fact about cheaters …


Surprising Facts About Cheaters blame facebook

1. Blame Facebook For Easy Access To Exes
The Journal of Cyberpsychology and Social Networking blames the popular social media site for the uptick in unfaithfulness that is so rampant. The easy access to find old flames and reignite their spark — read: bone — is too much temptation for some guys’ penises.