8 Terrible Santas In Christmas Movies

Worst Movie Santas Ever

The Worst Santas In Movie History

Generally speaking, no Christmas movie is complete without someone dressing up like Santa Claus and either spreading holiday cheer or getting seriously hurt for comic effect. But then there are those few Christmas movies in which the person in the Santa suit is kind of the bad guy.

Maybe he’s a small-time drug dealer. Or an alcoholic thief and pervert. Or he’s an emaciated claymation monster-type dude. Whatever the case, they manage to tarnish the otherwise sterling reputation of a fat loner who breaks into millions of homes every year.


Listen, we get it: Sitting in a crowded store all day wearing a stupid red suit and itchy fake beard as brats are tossed into your lap so that they can either scream bloody murder to let everyone in the place know that they think you’re a terrifying creep or command you to bring them a bunch of crap is no picnic. But you probably shouldn’t boot those kids in the face.