9 Directors Who Hate, Hate, Hated Their Own Films

#3. The Birds II: Land’s End (1994)  | Director: Rick Rosenthal
Attempting to create a sequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic The Birds is a tall order on its own, and when the actors receive poor direction — many of them did more than look goofy as they tried to appear terrified as birds threaten to shit and peck peoples’ faces off. Rosenthal caught on and realize the project was beyond salvage and opted to scratch his name from the credits.

city of fear#4. City in Fear (1980)  | Director: Jud Taylor
The TV film chronicles the attempts of a lowly newspaper columnist to sensationalize the grisly killings of a crazy killer. Seeing as it’s the same dude who directed The Great Escape, Taylor pulled the plug on receiving credit — despite being able to predict the future of cable news.