A Shocklingly Good Fan-Made Legend of Zelda Movie

Street Fighter, Tomb Raider, Super Mario Bros., Double Dragon, Doom, House of the Dead, Max Payne — there’s a long list of popular video games that were made into movies. Disappointing, gut-wrenchingly terrible movies.

So when we saw a short film called Link’s Shadow on YouTube, we knew it had only one thing going for it that could possibly make it enjoyable — the fact that it was entirely done by fans instead of professional writers and directors. (Or Uwe Boll.) And sure enough, the 4-minute-long video is amazingly well done. Yes, we wondered what mental patient found that blond wig for Link. But other than that, our minds were kind of blown by Link’s Shadow — and we started to wonder why there hasn’t there been a full-length The Legend of Zelda movie. The first game in the franchise came out more than 25 years ago, and Link is just as beloved as any other Nintendo character.

Actually, never mind. We just re-read that list of great video games made into lousy movies. Thank fucking God Hollywood left The Legend of Zelda alone.