How to upgrade your morning coffee

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You may love it or hate it, but you cannot deny that drinking coffee is an everyday occurrence in the lives of billions.

Did you know that the history of coffee dates back to 850 CE, and even earlier? For centuries, people have perfected the art of serving coffee, making it and brewing it to deliver better taste.

Also, for centuries people believed that there are no ways to make coffee better, and then a coffee creamer stepped in and changed the game forever.

One of the best ways to upgrade your morning coffee is to try something different, and add that exotic taste into your morning cup.

For example, a simple coffee creamer can make your coffee richer in taste, but if you choose to spicy up a bit you should try the coconut coffee creamer – this can be a great addition when it’s non-GMO, gluten free and dairy free; it’s much easier for your gut to digest coffee this way and help you boost that body energy early in the morning.

Here are some more ideas on how you can easily upgrade your morning coffee.

Store Your Coffee Properly

How you store your coffee matters. By storing it the right way, you are actually prolonging the quality of your coffee.

Make sure that you keep your coffee at a stable and  desirable temperature of 68F°-72F° year-round. If you have a soft spot for a specific blend make sure that you follow the package instructions.

By storing properly, you will always have a fresh cup of coffee – make sure that you have a high-quality airtight container for storage purposes.

Add Chocolate

Ok, if you are on a strict diet, or you are preparing for a long race, you can skip this one – or maybe make a healthier option?

A nice piece of chocolate cake, or a simple dark chocolate goes perfectly with coffee. Sure, having too much sugar in the morning isn’t desirable too often, but as an occasional treat it’s OK.

You can have a real cake, a vegan cake packed with cocoa powder, or fancy chocolates prepared the night before next to your morning coffee cup. When times are hard, feel free to mix coffee and cakes – hell, you can even make a coffee cake and have a slice for your job, as well.

Use Spices

Cinnamon in your coffee? If this isn’t ‘your cup of coffee’ think about it for a sec. For centuries, people used spices to mix up chocolate and coffee aromas and offer something new.

Just like chilli pepper goes well with dark chocolate, that’s how well a dash of cinnamon mixes with your coffee. Moreover, have you ever  considered adding cayenne pepper, ginger, or clove to your coffee?

If the answer is no, it’s time for you to rethink your coffee practice. Plus, spiced can boost digestion and can even have antibacterial/antifungal properties. When in doubt on how to upgrade your morning coffee, just spicy it up a bit.

Drinking coffee is an enjoyable experience that can boost your day and prepare you for the long day ahead.

Still, nothing beats going to your favorite coffee shop and ordering locally roasted coffee, but there are – luckily, still some ways to improve your barista skills and provide the best coffee experience possible, as listed above.