Badass Gangs and Crews From Guy Movies

The Expendables has gathered perhaps the most impressive roster of movie badasses ever: Stallone, Statham, Lundgren, Willis, Schwarzenegger, etc. But does that mean the Expendables are the most badass movie crew ever?

Not necessarily.

For starters, Willis and Schwarzenegger only make uncredited cameos — meaning at no point during the course of the movie do they fire a machine gun in slow motion while screaming. And besides, just because there’s an all-star collection of individual dudes doesn’t mean they automatically become a badass group of dudes (just ask the 2001-2008 New York Yankees).

The gangs, teams, and crews that follow, however (there are spoilers ahead), all became greater than the sum of their wisecracking, gun-toting, blade-wielding, body-checking (yep, there’s a hockey team) parts. And while we admit that there’s room for debate on whether this is a collection of the absolute greatest guy-movie badasses of all time, we’ll cover our ears and yell “LALALALA!” if anyone disagrees that our final guy-movie crew is, in fact, the greatest of all time.

In fact, if you don’t agree, we’re gonna bleed ya, real quiet. Leave you here. Got that?