Badass Gangs and Crews From Guy Movies

The Warriors
The Warriors (1979)

Badass Members: Cleon (Dorsey Wright), Swan (Michael Beck), Ajax (James Remar), Vermin (Terry Michos), Cochise (David Harris), Fox (Thomas G. Waites), Rembrandt (Marcelino Sanchez), Snow (Brian Tyler), Cowboy (Tom McKitterick)

Badass Mission: When a midnight meeting designed to unite all of New York City’s street gangs goes horribly wrong, the Warriors are framed for the murder of a respected gang leader. Thus begins an epic night in which eight members of the gang must embark on a 25-mile journey from the Bronx through Manhattan to their home turf in Coney Island, Brooklyn while fending off droves of cops and armies of violent rivals dressed in all manner of costumes that probably would have gotten them beaten to a pulp by actual New York City street gangs. Then again, it was the ’70s.

Most Badass Moment: The Baseball Furies — pinstripe-wearing, bat-wielding hooligans — herd the scattered and outnumbered Warriors into Riverside Park for a brutal execution. However, even when outnumbered and unarmed — and not long after watching one of their members get run over by a subway train — the Warriors outrumble the Furies and continue their sleepless trip to Brooklyn.

Badass Quote: “I’ll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle.”