Badass Gangs and Crews From Guy Movies

The Spartans
300 (2007)

Badass Members: King Leonidas (Gerard Butler), Stelios (Michael Fassbender), Dilios (David Wenham), Captain Artemis (Vincent Regan), Astinos (Tom Wisdom) … and, uh, about 295 other guys

Badass Mission: When Spartan politicians decide going to church is more important than defending their country against fabulously dressed invaders, King Leonidas — the sit-up champion of the ancient world — gathers 299 loyal soldiers and attempts to fend off a conquering army of more than 1 million.

Most Badass Moment: After a betrayal reveals a weakness in the Spartans’ otherwise unassailable position, their fates are apparently sealed as a Persian general surrounds them and demands surrender from Leonidas. Seeming to oblige, Leonidas bows before the general — so that one of his soldiers can jump over him in glorious slow-motion and stab the general. Facing certain death, Leonidas then lobs his spear at Persian King Xerxes, slicing his baby-soft cheek and drawing blood (hey, it’s a symbolic victory because Xerxes was supposedly immortal). Leonidas and his men then take about a billion arrows to their rock-hard abs.

Badass Quote: After being told by an enemy soldier that the Persians arrows will blot out the sun, Stelios calmly replies, “Then we will fight in the shade.”