9 Eye-Opening Facts About The Band Blind Melon

blind melon

3. What’s a blind melon, anyway?
“Blind Melon” was a term used by Brad Smith’s father to describe his “hippie” neighbors. Rumors have based the name on singer Blind Lemon Johnson or a movie character, but Smith has confirmed the name’s roots.

4. There’s a connection to Neil Young.
The band spent much of 1993 opening for Neil Young. 22 years later, guitarist Christopher Thron would cover Young’s Cinnamon Girl with Dave Grohl at a bike rally.

5. Glen Graham couldn’t sell his tour drum kit on eBay.
When his wife thought Glen could sell his used drums for $5,000, he took her bet. He listed them on eBay, and failed to get a single bid. He later sold them for $10,000 to a Melon enthusiast.