9 Eye-Opening Facts About The Band Blind Melon


6.  Hoon provided backup vocals, too.
That’s right, the frontman for Blind Melon can be heard on Guns-N-Roses’ Don’t Cry and The Garden singing backup. He also appears in the Don’t Cry video.

naked pizza

7. It’s not delivery it’s …
… Shannon’s nuts, pecker, and ass! Hoon stripped naked  in front of 50,000 people and delivered pizzas to his friends in Guns-N-Roses during a performance. Once the delivery was made, Hoon sat down to play the bongos with the band.

8. No, they’re not dentists. 
The most common misheard lyric in “No Rain” substitutes the line “All I can do is just pull some teeth or two” for the original “All I can do is just pour some tea for two”. One pleasant, the other not so much.

bee girl

9. Remember the “Bee Girl”?
The No Rain video is famous for a dancing girl in a bee costume. She is Heather DeLoach, and she used that job to boost her career, with credits as recent as a 2008 appearance on Reno, 911.