7 Ways To Create A Woman-Friendly Bedroom

make her love your bed

The state of your sheets is the last thing on my mind while we’re having sex, but when I wake up, I’m judging your mattress as well as your moves on it. And I’m not alone. When I asked my female friends, they all had very specific opinions on what will make your bed somewhere we want to visit again.

Tips For Making Your Bedroom More Woman-Friendly 

#1. Make Sure You Own A Real Bed.

A mattress on the floor makes us think of college frat houses. Waking up on a mattress on the floor makes us question every life decision we’ve made since graduation, leaving us surrounded by a low-grade haze of depression that can only be cleared by a brunch with our girlfriends where we bitch about what a manchild you are. In other words, go to IKEA and spend $200 on a bed frame.

#2. Understand That Pillowcases Aren’t Optional.

I once dated a man who, instead of using pillowcases, used to use T-shirts. All of his pillows had little sleeves. He was 37 years old at the time. Don’t give your pillows sleeves.