How To Date a Younger Woman

How To Date a Younger Woman

Tips For Dating Younger Women

You’re dating a younger woman – or maybe you want to – and though you’ve already convinced her you’re not a creep, you’re not totally sure how to should address the age difference. Before you screw it up or scare her away, be aware that there are certain reservations and expectations women in their 20s have about dating older men. Here’s some advice on navigating the years between you – whether it’s five, fifteen, or you’re simply at two different stages in life.


There is a certain curiosity and novelty factor with which women perceive older men, so, if you happen to be one, you have an automatic advantage when you approach a younger woman. That being said, don’t make us uncomfortable by acknowledging the obvious. It’s creepy if our youth is a novelty to you. We will be flattered if you simply treat us as one of your peers. If you’ve said anything like, “Are you even old enough to be here?” or “I’ve got a daughter about your age,” you might as well go home now.


Women are attracted to the confidence of an older man — a quality that boys in our age group often lack. We assume that you know what you want, and we assume you know how to make us to feel wanted. So demonstrate those qualities. My friend Joan was in college when she fell for Peter, a professor in his 30s, because he was decisive and didn’t play games with her. Plus, he wasn’t afraid to be straightforward about his feelings. Their conversations were more interesting and felt more meaningful than the ones she’d had with past boyfriends. And despite the age difference, Peter allowed her to be the expert when she was one, asking her questions about her photography and culinary skills. That made Joan feel like she was in a relationship with an equal.